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Hi! My name is Ben Hammer, and you've reached my film scoring website.

I offer music composing, arranging and orchestration services for film, television, gaming and multi-media. To learn about my composing experience, please visit the BIO page. Visit the AUDIO page to hear examples of previous works, or the VIDEO page for clips from work projects as well as scoring demos.

I am experienced in writing for live orchestras, modern ensembles, electronic music and everything in-between. I also offer state of the art computer-based recording using multiple networked PC's compatible with virtually every format used professionally today.

My professional sound libraries include over 10,000 sounds and I feature the award winning East/West Symphonic Orchestra library as well as Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra library. Being an old-school keyboardist, I also have the means and experience to create custom sounds from scratch, using the best of todays virtual instrument engines. Just to keep my friends happy, I will even do the occasional "Robot Voice" :-)

"How lucky I was when dear Dave recommended you! I'm sure there will be many more cassettes with your fantastic music."

-- June Foray

" helped make the Special Olympics Summer Games the most successful event to date!!...I am sincere when I say that without your efforts, this event would not have been as wonderful.  Your song was a smash hit!!! I cannot thank you enough for your contribution..."

-- Tom Collins

... With the editing well under way, the next step was to locate a composer to work on the music for the show. The challenge ahead was to find somebody who could not only underscore the pilot, but also work with Jillian on the theme song, Gotta Get It Right ... we turned to a friend of the trio, Dave Shelton, who recommended a musician named Ben Hammer. What a godsend Ben turned out to be... Ben was able to take Jillian�s lyrics and instrumental ideas, along with her style, and tool them into what is now Jillian�s first single, and the theme song for L.A.F.I.T. Gotta Get It Right went through several revisions over the summer, but was finally recorded on August 3, 2005.